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Richard Atkins Primary School


The school now uses two online learning platforms called Class Dojo and Teams. Pupils use them on a regular basis in class and  every week to complete homework.




Our continued use of Class Dojo and Teams intends to give children real life applicable skills, that they can take into the real world after they leave school. They develop children’s coding skills and build their computer processing skills. Using these platforms in school ensures pupils gain confidence online and supports them to keep themselves online.


To see the most up to date remote learning activities please sign up to the relevant platform


Ruby & Diamond - Class Dojo 

Pearl & Jade  - Class Dojo 

Amethyst, Jaspar & Emerald   - Class Dojo 

 Topaz, Tanzanite & Sunstone - Microsoft Teams 

COVID-19 Remote Learning Plan

If a pupil is not attending school due to certain Covid related reasons work will be set for them to do at home. Please click the link below for full details of our Remote learning plan. 

Richard Atkins Remote Learning Plan Spring

Class Dojo